Walking home for charity

What am I doing?

For the last leg of my Bangkok2Birmingham trip I will be attempting to walk from London back to my family home in Wolverhampton – near Birmingham.

The journey is over 150 miles – the equivalent to 6 marathons – and I will be attempting do complete it in one week, starting on 12th October. It’s by far the biggest distance I’ll have covered by foot in such short a time frame. The primary purpose of the journey is to raise more money for 2 great charities – Guy’s Trust & Sport4Life. Please keep reading for more info about the charities and how you can donate.

The journey will start at the Royal Geographical Society in West London, and finish at my family home in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. I’ll be following the route of the Grand Union canal. Along the way I’ll be stopping off at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham (the place of my birth), and Molineux stadium, Wolverhampton to take in Wolves vs Coventry on 19th October (should I reach in time)

The proposed route. Wiggle round London might change to make more direct

The proposed route. Wiggle round London might change to make more direct. Click the image for exact route

More than just a walk…

My trip thus far has taught me to trust in the kindness of strangers around the world who have kindly welcomed me into their homes and families to stay with them. This has primarily been through a website called ‘couchsurfing’ – whereby strangers offer you a ‘couch’ to ‘surf’ on for the night. The community also appears established along the Grand Union Canal, so I’ll be putting my faith in the kindness of British strangers instead of hotels or a tent during the week.

More about the charities and how to donate



Guy’s Trust was established in the memory of Guy Joseph. I met Guy’s parents at an event last year. We talked about their son, Guy. I discovered he was almost the same age as me, shared the same outlook on life and that we even shared some mutual friends. Tragically, Guy was killed in a paragliding in 2011.

Guy’s Trust has been established to create opportunities for young people around the world. The initial focus is on building 3 pre school education centres for underprivaleged children in Nepal – a country where Guy worked. I also have a special affinity for the country having spent a month there in 2008 .

It’s a sad story, but one which hopefully can have a positive impact on the lives of many in the long term. To find out more about the charity please click here.

Sport4Life is a Birmingham based charity which changes the lives of the city’s most disadvantaged children and young people through the power of sport. Sport’s always been a really important part of my life and I really believe that it can be used as a powerful force for good and to change lives for the better. I also really wanted to support a local chairty. James Forrest and his team provide sports-themed educational programmes for children and young people, working exclusively in deprived areas. For more info click here

To support my walk, the thing I’d most like you to do is to make a donation to the charities using the link below. Thanks

(On the page only Guy’s Trust logo will come up: technical issue. But the money is being split 50:50 between both charities)

5 responses to “Walking home for charity

  1. I’ve just been directed to your site by Guy’s mum, Vicky, and have been working closely with Guy’s Trust. It is such an amazing project. I must say I’m so proud to be a part of it.

    I really admire what you’re doing as well and must say I am also a dromomaniac. Will definitely be following!

  2. Thanks very much. Really hope I can raise some awareness of and money for the charity. Guy’s story really hit home as I could relate to it so much. Let’s hope some good can come of it.

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